About Us

About Us

About Us: I’m an engineering student and trying to make a career in digital marketing that why I design this site from which I can learn.

I come from the tier 3 college where I don’t get that much support to grow in my career not having seniors who have the proper knowledge and who can guide us. I tried a lot of things like android development, competitive programming, web development, UI/UX design, etc.

I reach an intermediate level in each thing but can’t keep things continue because my mind kept changing actually what I want to say is that I’m exploring the different things and hoping that I will find a field where I can make my career.

So after a lot of thinking I choose to do digital marketing and hoping this is a field where I can make my career that why I started so I can learn Seo.

Why I choose digital marketing, I think in these 5 or 10 years digital marketing will grow much faster because doing ads digitally is less expensive than showing the ads on those expensive billboards so people will prefer to show their ads digitally. I think this is enough about us hope you like it.